Altermotiv is a collection of Omnicom agencies making sense of the human reaction to driverless vehicles.

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What that reaction means for brands

Vehicles are becoming more and more autonomous. But car brands are still selling their wares in the same old way, with the same old messages. Legislation and technology are influencing change at an exponential rate. But no one seems to know how we, the people, will react.

Read on for our thoughts on what might happen to brands in the space - and how to stay in control.


What it means for REAL People

Nobody is talking about what will qualify a brand to own and deliver autonomy beyond the rational ability to deliver the right technology.

People have an emotional relationship with cars and brands, and even with mobility itself, which means the social change that comes with the autonomous revolution will be far more significant and unpredictable than the technology shift. We need to understand how that transition is perceived by people urgently.


What it means for Communications

Understanding our reactions to the rise of driverless vehicles is the key to unlocking new ways to communicate with and market to car owners, now and in the future. 

Our research will debunk some myths and guesswork about our attitudes to automation - and give you food for thought on how to communicate effectively with people buying, renting and using automated vehicles.  


The evidence of every piece of communication we see suggests that automotive brands think that the benefits of driverless technology will speak for themselves. 

We disagree.

History shows us that human beings are uncomfortable with the idea of giving up control. Meanwhile, the industry is assuming that people will simply get rid of a century of habits, passion, aspirations, and freedom without having a single idea of what will drive them towards self-driving cars. The comparison made to the switch from horse and trams to owned cars is too simplistic – that hypothesis conveniently forgets that at that time, the benefits were clear – you could cover more distance, faster. Altermotiv is formed to understand what the equivalent benefits of driverless travel will be – and what we'll be willing to give up to have those benefits, at what speed – so that the transition happens more successfully.


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